Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

Scope and Content

Written from Ewart, Wooler, Northumberland.

Asking for various things to be done and to be sent to her. Draws her attention to the 'Bulletin Continentale' produced by M. Minod 'with a touching New Year letter in which he speaks of his faith for the triumph of the good, in spite of the darkest appearances'. Complains that 'Spiritists' [modern Spiritualists] seem not inclined to let her alone. 'Stead forces 'Julia' upon me ... and they want me to commit myself to an opinion on the subject of Julia's letters from the other world.

Administrative / Biographical History

Date: [references to Stead's 'Julia' published in 1897] 'You will put it [letter to missionaries] before your Committee on 12 Jan.'

In letter dated 11 Jan 1898 reference to tomorrow's Committee'.

'My book 'Reminiscences'

This was 'Reminiscences of a Great Crusade' 1896.

'The letter from 50 Indian missionaries to Ministers at Home.'

See Note on 'The Missionary Letter' postcard of 6 Jan 1898, JB to Miss Forsaith.

'New number of 'Wings' when it comes out.'

See Note 16 Sep 1897 postcard JB to Miss Forsaith.

'How beautifully he translates me.'

This was a translation into French of JB's book 'Reminiscences of a Great Crusade' 1896.

The Bergners were old friends of hers; M. Bergner was a Frenchman and his wife was English and a sister of JB's friend, Mrs Terrell.

'The Dawn'

A periodical (quarterly) written and published by JB which ran from May 1888 - Oct 1896.

'Bulletin Continentale'

A monthly review of the Federation edited by M. Minod and published at Geneva.

See Note 29 Dec 1877 JB to Dr Carter.

'Stead forces 'Julia' upon me'.

This was 'Letters from Julia, or Light from the Borderland' received by automatic writing from one who has gone before 1897.' Stead had the gift of automatic writing and used this gift to record messages purporting to come from an American girl, Julia Ames who had arranged with her friend Miss E that whoever died first would return to show herself to the other. A manuscript record of messages was made by Stead between Aug 1892 and Jan 1893 and later published under the above title. They were translated into 9 different languages.

(For details on the Julia letters see 'The life of WT Stead' by Frederick Whyte, vol.1, ch.16)

Biog: Mr Bergner, Mr Cope, WT Stead, M. Minod