Josephine Butler to James [Stuart]

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Typed copy. No address.

Hoping he will receive a typed copy of her letter to Miss Millard in time for the Shield. She has just heard that various branches of the BWTA [British Women's Temperance Association] are forming a Department in the Branch of 'Anti State Regulation of vice' with a President and Secretary. Iif as she fears the BWTA have been infected by Lady Henry they might take up a compromising position and ruin everything. She will try to stop in Newcastle and see some of her old North Country friends. Will he send this letter to Miss Forsaith and let her send it to Mr Wilson and Mr Gledstone. For her part she wishes the BWTA would stick to Temperance and leave the other question.

Administrative / Biographical History

'I hope you will receive a typed copy of my letter to Miss Willard at the latest on Friday morning'

24 Nov 1897 was a Wednesday. Therefore Friday morning would be 26 Nov. Copy (typed including signature) of letter from Mrs Josephine E Butler to Miss Willard dated 29 Nov 1897 is among the letters.

'I think it would be effective if appearing in the same pages as Harold Frederic'

Harold Frederic was an American journalist who cabled his version of the Lady Henry affair which appeared in the New York Times and Buffalo Express of 3 Nov to the American papers. His heading: 'Lady Henry in England, What the people of that country have to say of her action on the social question'

He applauded Lady Henry's action in supporting regulations for the Indian army as inspired by 'common sense, patriotism and wise humanity', and maintained that the Convention at Toronto had supported the same policy. (See the 'Shield' Dec 1897 p 59)

Biog: Miss Willard, Harold Frederic, Mrs Backhouse, Mrs W Jones of Sunderland, Mrs Amos, Mrs R Spence Watson, Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew, Mrs Pearsall Smith, Rev Gledstone