Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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Photocopy of letter. Written from 'care of' address, Mrs Thomas, 419 Wandsworth Road.

Says she has come home rather a wreck, but it does her more good than she can say to hear of the revival of 'our holy war'. She hopes that the present movement will not only affect the Indian Empire but that the sound of the approaching victory will be heard in all other countries similarly afflicted. She mentions speakers who may be competent speakers on the subject. She is doubtful of Mrs Chant also Lady Henry Somerset and Miss Willard, who 'do not realise the aggressive character of our work'. Before she went abroad in the Autumn Mr and Mrs Bramwell Booth offered their services to the Cause which she felt to be a great gain as 'they are both of them intelligently and earnestly interested in the question, and have rather a special interest in India'.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The revival of our holy war' The two American ladies, Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew' spent the cold weather of 1891-1892 in Upper India investigating the brothels set up in Cantonments. They left Calcutta for England 15 Mar 1892. Back in England they reported their findings in 'A statement of facts', which was submitted to the India Office and the Government - (see letters of 21 Mar). For further developments see letters of 17 Apr and 23 Apr 1893, with note.

'Mrs Thomas (JB's sister) 'I have had some weeks of great pain and come home rather a wreck'. In another letter when abroad 21 Mar 1893 she says: 'I have really worked all this winter for the Federation as hard as pain would allow me'

JB went abroad after he severe illness of the winter of 1892. At the beginning of Aug 1892 and then after the Berne Conference the 1st week of Sep, she went by slow stages to Cannes where she stayed with Dr Agnes McLaren and then moved to a hotel. She stayed in Cannes all the winter and returned to England between 21-30 Mar when she wrote a letter from her sister's home - 419 Wandsworth Road.

'This is the 1st letter we have addressed to Miss Forsaith who became Secretary of the British Committee in 1891 (see Note letter of 2 ?Apr [1893]). From this time on we have a flow of letters addressed to Miss Forsaith by JB.

Biog: Miss Whitehead, Mrs Chant, Lady Henry Somerset and Miss Willard, Mr and Mrs Bramwell Booth, Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew