Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Forsaith]

Scope and Content

Written from Clifton. Date Friday [Nov 26 1897]

Says the ladies there object to the last sentence of her letter to Miss Willard, beginning 'I have had much difficulty' [Refers to disputes with Lady Henry Somerset and Miss Willard] She has therefore decided to omit it in any published copy but to let her written letter to Miss Willard go as it is. Mr and Mrs Spence Watson have been 'called away to their son who is said to be dying'. She has written to the American Ladies [then engaged on a lecture tour of the UK] suggesting a postponement of their visit to Newcastle.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The ladies here object to the last sentence of my letter to Miss Willard beginning 'I have had much difficulty''

This letter dated 29 Nov 1897 with the address of 17 Tothill St, Westminster was printed in the Dec issue of the 'Shield' and the offending sentence does not appear. So instructions in this letter that it was to be 'left out in every copy published and in the 'Shield' were duly carried out.

'I have written to our American ladies all about Newcastle and I think they will not go now but later ... Mr and Mrs Spence Watson are called away to their son ... The death of their only son under vague circumstances would naturally mean that the Spence Watsons were not available to give their usual help to the Cause by supporting Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrews, and JB would write to that effect.

Biog: Mr Cope, Miss Willard, Mr Aaron Powell, Mr and Mrs Spence Watson