Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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Thanks for list of books [see her letter of 15 Sep 1898]. She would like to leave these with the rest of her library for her sons. George especially has much 'filial piety'. With regard to Stead's visit to the Continent she has arranged with M. Minod that we will send him all the names and addresses of our friends to give in to Stead so that our friends abroad will not think we have sent him. 'He does not know how to speak the truth since he has become the confidant of demons'. [Stead was an ardent Spiritualist]. Refers again to the Dreyfus affair and its effect on France.

Administrative / Biographical History

'all the editions of 'A Voice in the Desert'

A collection of JB's addresses delivered in French during the winter of 1878/5 and published in French and German and later translated into several other European languages. For notes on this see JB to HJ Wilson 15 Jul 1875 and 31 Jul 1875

'I saw Mr Minod, and he gladly undertakes to deal with Mr Stead'

'O! what terrible events in France!'

This refers to the feelings over the Dreyfus case, which split France into 2 camps from 1896-1906. See note to letter of 3 Feb 1898 JB to Mr Johnson

'I am grieved at Mr Colman's death'

This was JJ Colman, founder of the Mustard Firm (Norwich) father-in-law of James Stuart who married his daughter Laura in 1890

Biog: Mr WT Stead, Col Piquart