Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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Written from Ewart, Northumberland.

About Ladies National Association's annual meeting; speaks of a 'farewell charge to my fellow women' (as in a letter of the same date to the Miss Priestmans) also refers to the decay among people of the knowledge and reverence for the great principles of Justice of Human Rights and of Liberty. She hopes that many women coming to the 'Women Workers Congress' would stay on to their meeting. Asks for Miss Forsaith's help in arranging for this special women's meeting 'The terrible Frau Bieber-Boehm is coming to London...she has written a pamphlet widely circulated in Germany in which she plainly accuses the women of our Federation of desiring License...and says our principles are immoral. M Minod is horrified. We have much to contend with; and this poison of Regulationists in the anti Slave Traffic Conference.

Administrative / Biographical History

'the Women Workers' Congress'

An International Congress of Women met at Church House Westminster under the auspices of the International Council of Women, which held its quinquiennial Session, Wednesday 28 Jun. It lasted from 26 Jun to 4 Jul. It was broken up into Sections, which covered a great number of subjects ranging from Education to Social Studies. The Social Section included a discussion on 'Social necessity for an equal moral standard for men and women'. JB was prevented by health from attending to read her paper on this subject, which was however read to the Congress. (For full details of programme and notice of addresses affecting the Federation, see the 'Shield', Jul 1899, p 47.)

The LNA annual meeting for 1899 was finally held 3 Jul at Exeter Hall. JB presided and spoke.

'The terrible Frau Bieber Böhm is coming to London.' The letters dealing with this formidable lady are:

Mr Burfoot's report on Bieber Böhm v Cauer, 28 Sep 1898;

JB to Miss Forsaith (this letter) 22 Apr 1999;

JB to the Miss Priestmans, 22 Apr 1899;

JB to Mr and Mrs Wilson warning against BB, 22 May 1899;

JB to Mrs. HJ Wilson about BB's pamphlet, 14 Jun 1899.

(See also 'Shield', Jul 1904, p 46.)

'I am glad Dr Drysdale is going to Brussels'

This was an important Medical Congress held at Brussels, 4-8 Sep 1899.

Its official title: 'International Congress of Brussels (Regulationist)'.

See note about this letter of 28 Mar 1899, JB to Mr Gregory.

Biog: Mrs. Bunting, Frau Bieber Böhm, Dr Charles Bell-Taylor, Mrs. HJ Wilson, Mr Lynn, Miss Whitehead, Mrs. Terrell, Dr Drysdale