Josephine Butler to Miss Priestman

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Written from Florence.

Work has been going well 'what kindness I have met with and how light seems to fall upon my path'. Now about to leave for Rome. She will be very thankful in some weeks time for their kind grant of £30. Towards secretarial expenses and she wishes to have a printed statement which she has already drawn up of their principles and work that she can send to Cardinals and Deputies in Rome.

'I have had useful help from old Signor Zanini who remembers affectionately The Genoa Congress'. This was held in Sep 1880. Both Josephine Butler and her husband attended it.

'Most people here are in complete grievance of the latter [i.e. the present situation in Italy] and of what Signor Crispi did and of how things have gone back'. Crispi, when Minister of the Interior in 1887, directed Prof Albanese to investigate the workings of the Regulation and present a Report to the Government. His reform on a new Regulation was introduced in 1888.

Administrative / Biographical History

Signor Crispi

'That Reform [new regulation] never satisfied us it was honestly intentioned, but not thorough. Such as it was, it is now inoperative, chiefly because the carrying out of it was placed in the hands of the very men who were opposed to the change and who were and are interested in maintaining the old order of things'. (Taken from Josephine Butler's detailed account of the history of the Abolitionist Cause in Italy in the 'Dawn' May 1893 p.1-7)

Biog: Dr Pellizari, Dr Nevins, Signor Crispi, Signor Zanini