Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Forsaith]

Scope and Content

Photocopy of incomplete letter. Written from [Wooler, Northumberland]

Wants to send a copy of the pope's Rescript [see note] to M. Minod for inclusion in the 'Bulletin' [organ of the Continental Federation], so will Miss Forsaith return it to her temporarily. Secondly about M. de Meuron's [obituary] sketch of Mme de Gingins; she would like to add a note to it from herself; but she must insist in omitting one sentence were he says she has 'no great intellectual qualifications'. On the contrary she 'was one of the most highly educated and literary and intellectual people we know'

The bitterness of the Election campaigning jars on her [letter not finished, last page or pages missing]

Administrative / Biographical History

'My letter about the Pope's Rescript'. See notes on letters of [Nov 1905] and 2 Dec 1905.

The 'Bulletin'

A monthly organ issued by the Swiss branch of the British and Continental Federation, 1st at Neuchatel under the direction of M. Humbert, later published at Geneva under the direction of M. Minod.

4 Dec 1905 Balfour, who had headed the Conservative Govt. since 1902, resigned. On the 5 Dec Campbell-Bannerman accepted office and formed a Cabinet. The general election began on 12 Jan 1906 in which the Liberals obtained 377 seats, a majority of 84 overall other parties combined.

(From Ensor. England 1870-1914, p 381, 4.)

Biog: M. Minod; M. de Meuron; Mme de Gingins