Josephine Butler to Emily Ford

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Written from 2 Victoria Villas, Wooler, Northumberland.

She explains the situation and reminds her of the photograph she took of her when ill. 'That photograph is not liked for it is too deathlike and rather terrible' so it has been suppressed. Will she tell her how much Mrs Fawcett paid her for the photographs as she cannot let her have the expense needlessly. Hopes she is getting on with Lady Aberdeen's work (National Council of Women). Warns her not to try to visit her for she sees none but her own family and Wooler, Northumberland is quite off the main track. [For Emily Ford's comment on this letter see her letter to Mrs Fawcett of 31 Jul 1906]

Administrative / Biographical History

'But unfortunately she [Mrs Fawcett] is imprisoned in that inferno of Naples, where also so many of my relatives are who cannot get away.' This refers to one of the more serious of the periodic eruptions of Vesuvius.

In a letter of 13 Apr JB says she has up to the present no news of any of the Meuricoffres. On 16 Apr JB received letters from the Meuricoffres with 1st hand descriptions of the horrors they were experiencing: it 'means ruin, famine and death to the whole of South Italy'. Her sister Harriet (Hatty) Meuricoffre had died Oct 1900 (the husband Tell, the spring of that year). JB and her family had often stayed at the Meuricoffre's house in Naples and so fully understood the horror of the cataclysm. (For gen. table of the Meuricoffre family see letter of 16 Apr JB to Miss Forsaith.)

'I hope you are well and getting on with Lady Aberdeen's work.'

Lady Aberdeen was President of the National Union of Women Workers. See Letter of 28 Nov 1905 JB to Mrs Wilson with Note.

For History of the National Union of Women Workers. See Ellice Hopkins by Rosa M. Barrett p 109.

Biog: Emily Ford; Mrs Fawcett; Lady Aberdeen