Josephine Butler to Rhoda Butler (nee Bolton)

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Photocopy of letter. Written from Frascati, Tusculum.

It is always so wonderful to hear of Josephine 'going out to lunch with you' and doing all the ordinary things, and she continues to thank God for her recovery. Very lonely here though a nice place; hopes to get to Naples this week for a fortnight's stay with Hatty. She has taken a great dislike to Rome. 'There is no real health there'. George Meuricoffre never turned up as promised on Sunday (See letter of 7 Mar 1894). She understands Rhoda not caring for Mrs Ritchie [Lady Ritchie, Thackeray's daughter] Says that the faithful Annie [the little maid] has been alone at Balham ever since Josephine Butler left in the autumn. Recounts the Grey family party held at Genoa [the home of Edith Leupold, Josephine's niece]. George, Mia and Charles Butler were there. The following is a guest list of the Leupolds:

- Aunt Eliza (Mrs Masson), Josephine Butler's eldest sister who married (1) William Morrison (2) Norman Masson

- Ludwig and Edith Leupold (host and hostess). Edith, daughter of Hannah Eliza and her 1st husband William Morrison

- Isolde, unknown

- Marie Griffin, daughter of Edith Leupold, who married Sir Lepal Griffin

- Llew (Llewelyn), son of Eliza and William Morrison

- Regi, not known

- Maud Garston (nee Carter) married Edgar, son of Edgar and Mary Ann Garston

- Gladys, ?

- Bice (Beatrice), niece of Josephine Butler

- Maria Fawcus

- Marquis Donghie

- Frank Budd, husband of Ethel, daughter of Mary Ann ('Tully') and Edgar Garston

- Countess Clada, daughter of Miss Carr who was a cousin of John Grey's

Josephine Butler thought the 'Coronata people' did not much care for Mia (her daughter-in-law); 'She is rather shy at first, and it was a plunge to be introduced to so many relatives at once, for the first time".

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Biog: Mrs (Lady Ritchie), Aunt Eliza (Mrs Masson), Ludwig and Edith (Leupold), Maud (Garston), Frank and Ethel Budd