Josephine Butler to her friend [Mrs Tanner]

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Sending her Dr Spence Watson's reply; 'he cannot come'. She is writing to tell her privately about Mrs Andrew's non- appearance at the WLF meeting. Mrs A with Dr Bushnell called on her suddenly in a state of great agitation. They said they had looked in at the meeting and had seen only a host of Lady Henry's supporters sitting on the platform. They had had a few words with Lady Carlisle [President of the WLF 1891-1901 and 1906-1914. Ardent Liberal and worker with Lady Henry for BWTA] who tried to persuade them how good Lady H. was and how they ought to believe in her and come amongst them. When they asked JB for advice she advised their writing a careful letter to Lady Carlisle saying they felt it best to decline to come. There being so many other able speakers. The ladies are in rather a morbid state of mind and her advice would be that 'they should for a time avoid all contact with these persons who seem to terrify and irritate them'

[this letter looks like a copy, with apparent mistake over name Mrs Turner for Mrs Tanner.

Administrative / Biographical History

'I want to tell you privately about Mrs Andrew's non-appearance at the WLF meeting' This letter gives a full account of the action of the two American ladies (Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew) to what they regarded as the sinister influence of Lady Henry Somerset. It also provides an explanation for the rather emotional writing in the two postcards of 23 Jun time stamped respectively 1.30 pm and 7 pm and addressed to Miss Forsaith. JB's advice to them 'to avoid all contact with these persons who seem to terrify and irritate them' would seem excellent

'In our own speech dear Mrs Turner [sic]'

This obvious mistake for Mrs Tanner confirms [if needed] that this letter was a copy

Biog: Dr Spence Watson, Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew, Lady Henry Somerset, Lady Carlisle (Rosalind Frances Howard), Miss Agnes Slack, Mrs Amos