Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Forsaith]

Scope and Content

Written from Ewart, Wooler, Northumberland. No year but reference to Sheldon Amos' book which she asked for in letter of 21 May 1897 and in this letter she hopes to receive on Monday)

Is enclosing a 'deeply interesting letter from Mrs Andrew' and asks Miss Forsaith to give her impression about 'their coming over to help us'. [Mrs Andrew and Dr Bushnell came over at the end of 1897 or early in Jan 1898. See letter from Dr Bushnell 22 Jan 1898]. Also mentions their opinion and news about Lady Henry and Miss Willard as 'striking and sad'. Discusses form of Memorial to be adopted [see letter of 21 May]. Thinks they should stick to the principle and not enter into intricacies; only add that all the recent proposals contain 'the evil proposals which we oppose and shall oppose till death'. Gives her sister's (Harriet Meuricoffre's) opinion of Lady Henry.

Administrative / Biographical History

'You will have got my letter about a women's memorial'

See letter of 21 May, JB to Miss Forsaith.

'The intricacies of the Despatch or Cantonment Rules'

See the 'Shield' on Lord George Hamilton's Despatch May 1897 p 5 and 6.

And the New Cantonment Regulations - 'Shield' Aug 1897 p 34.

(for further notes on this see letter of May 26)

'I am glad to see Eva McLaren was firm and eloquent on our side at the WL Federation'

The Shield of Jun 1897 p 15 gives details of the Women's Liberal Federation Annual Council Meetings, held at Westbourne Park Chapel, London on 19 May.

The Agenda Paper 'contained a series of resolutions respecting 'State Regulation of Vice' and a large number of delegates devoted over 2 hours to an earnest and intelligent survey of the entire questions. Mrs Eva McLaren presided'

The resolutions were supported by Mrs Tanner, Mrs Eva McLaren, Mrs James Stuart, Mrs Sheldon Amos and others

(See also Note on WLF 18 May 1897)

'I shall hope on Monday to receive Sheldon Amos' book'

See Note letter of 21 May.

'I wrote one [a public letter] also to the Quakers' meeting which I hear was a strong meeting'

The Annual Meeting of the Friends' Association for Abolition of State Regulation of Vice was held at Devonshire House, Bishopsgate on Thursday May 20 1897 with Mr Joseph Storrs Fry as Chairman.

Among those who spoke were Mrs Tanner, Mr H J Wilson and 'Mrs Josephine E Butler's views were read to the meeting by Mr Maurice Gregory from a letter, he had received'

(See 'Shield' June 1897 p 14)

(For note see letter of 18.5.97 JB to Miss F)

'The poor Wooler people are agog already'

Wooler was the village in Northumberland adjourning Ewart Park the residence of her son George and wife Mia.


was the friend who lived with Miss Forsaith and shared her interests. Her name was Miss Harriet E Allen.

Biog: Mrs Andrew, Lady Henry Somerset, Miss Willard, Mr W McLaren, Mrs Eva McLaren, Miss Balgarnie, Mme Meuricoffre