Josephine Butler to [Miss Forsaith]

Scope and Content

Has had plenty of correspondence with members about the BWTU [British Women's Temperance Association] meetings going on that week, and at their request has written a letter which is to be read there (in the presence of Lady Henry). Mrs David Richardson has the letter and JB will be anxious to know what happens. Correspondence at the moment with the Continent overwhelming 'They are all so excited about Lady H and the Princesses' Reports that 'Northumberland is waking up. She could address a meeting every day in the Towns up North, if I had the strength' Reminds her that a printed copy of her letter was to be enclosed with every packet of memorial sheets to women all over the country.

Administrative / Biographical History

'BWTU British Women's Temperance Union ... I thought the articles in the last number of 'The White Ribbon' splendid' The 'White Ribbon' was the official organ of the BWTU and the official badge worn by members.

'They are all so excited about Lady H and the Princesses' Lady H was Lady Henry Somerset who had given such a shock to the Federation both in the UK and on the Continent by her 6 propositions for Regulation published in 'The Times' 21 Apr 1897. A further shock was the letter signed by members of the Court (headed by Princess Christian) and over a 100 distinguished women. (See note letter of 18 May 1897 JB to Miss Forsaith and for Lady H, letter of 27 Apr 1897, JB to Miss Forsaith)

'Is it right about sending my St Martin's Hall letter to the Press'. A Conference was held on 30 Mar at St Martin's Hall at which the draft of the Memorandum was brought forward for discussion and criticism before its final adoption by the Committee. This was finally signed by Josephine Butler, by the wives of six bishops and many other distinguished and well known ladies. (Shield May 1897 p 7)

Biog: Lady Henry Somerset, Mrs David Richardson of Newcastle, Mr Broomhall, Miss Macdonald of Perth