Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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Written from Lausanne.

She has been a prisoner for seven weeks in one room (in Lausanne) and dare not yet move out of it, but she will try to write an article for her entitled 'Winged Seed'. A New Year's message from Mrs Butler. Her opinion of the 'Shield' is: 'Shield' you are horribly medical, you are just an Abolitionist 'Lancet'! full of syphilis and gonnorhea and statistics of bubos and ulcers! Thinks it might be infused with 'a little more healthily human and heart element'. Feels very low about this war misery, her sons and she have many friends at the front.

Administrative / Biographical History

[JB has been asked for an article by Miss Forsaith for the 'Shield' and replies]

'if I can write it, I will give it to you ... I hope you will accept the title 'Winged Seed' A New Year's message from Mrs Butler'

This article duly appeared in the 'Shield' of Jan 1900, p 1 and was then republished in the Storm Bell of Feb 1900 p 271

'Agnata Butler's brother has been so long among the 'missing' that we have almost given up hope'

Agnata was the 2nd wife of Montagu Butler, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. She was a daughter of Sir James Ramsay of Banff, who had 5 sons and 2 daughters. For further details of the family see letter from JB to Stanley of 18 Dec

'my dear nephew Jack we can get no news of'

Probably this was John, son of Constance daughter of JB's elder sister Eliza (b 1819), who married a Mr Baldwin. The Baldwins lived in London and JB often stayed with them in her frequent visits to London for Committees, etc.