Miss Wolstenholme to Mr Wilson

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Written from Congleton. Urging the necessity of opposing Children at Pontefract. He and Lord Clarence Paget introduced the Act of 1866, [i.e. the Contagious Diseases Act] and 'we all know how the Acts were administered under Admiralty orders whilst he was at the Admiralty...He is worse to us than Sir Henry Storks' [See Election at Ipswich 1870 p 80] Mr Gladstone as Chancellor of the Exchequer in Lord Russell's cabinet supported the Act of 1866 and spoke for the second reading...Do help us now to beat Mr Childers.

Administrative / Biographical History

'He [Mr Childers] and Lord Clarence Paget introduced the Act of 1866'

Rough Record 14, 20 Apr 1866. 'Select Committee House of Commons reported in favour of CD Bill which had been referred to them'

Rough Record 15, 11 Jun 1866. 'CD Act received Royal Assent, to come into operation Sep 30 when Act of 1864 expired ... and the Contagious Diseases Act 1866' ... Lord Clarence Paget and Mr Childers on the back of the Bill

'The Report and evidence of the Select Committee of 1869 show him [Mr Childers] to have been chiefly responsible for the Act of that session whilst we know how the Act was administered under Admiralty riders whilst he was at the Admiralty'

Rough Record 33, 13-14 May 1869. The House of Commons ordered that a Select Committee be appointed to enquire into the working of the CD Act 1866 and to consider whether and how far and under what conditions, it may be expedient to extend its operations

Rough Record 35, 11 Aug 1869. The CD Act received Royal Assent

HE Childers was appointed 1st Lord of the Admiralty in Gladstone's 1st Cabinet joined Dec 1868. Childers resigned Mar 1871 and in Aug 1872 rejoined the Cabinet as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. hence the need to stand for re-election

'When as Chancellor of the Exchequer in Earl Russell's Cabinet he [WE Gladstone] supported the Act of 1866 and spoke for the second reading'

Earl Russell's Ministry (Liberal) succeeded the 2nd Palmerston Ministry in 1865; this in its turn resigned Jun 1866. The moving force in the Cabinet was Gladstone who had the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer. From 1866-1868 The Conservatives were in power with the 3rd Derby-Disraeli Ministry. Then at the end of 1868 the Liberals were returned and Gladstone's 1st Cabinet formed which lasted till 1874

Biog: Wolstenholme (Elmy-Wolstenholme), Lord Clarence Paget, HCE Childers, Sir Henry Storks, Earl Russell (Lord John, WE Gladstone