Josephine Butler to Mr Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from Liverpool. Complains about Fothergill who regards himself as a lecturer and won't do anything else; leaves all the collecting of money to her. Asks him to advise what the soldier should do first [see letter of Apr 1]. Also does he want Mr Stuart for Hull; he is at the moment at Liverpool on Education business.

Administrative / Biographical History


'our soldier' - That is Mr Henry Bligh ex soldier engaged by JB. See letter of 1 Apr 1873 JB to HJ W about him

'Mr Stuart has come here on his way to Crewe and Bury on Education business' From 1867-1875 he was occupied in starting and organising University Extension for Women and for working men. The latter developed into the Workers Educational Association which became an important movement in the first decade of the 20th century

'The Mutiny Act Clause 40' - See note letter of 23 Aug 1872 JB to HJ Wilson

Biog: Mr Rowntree; Mr Fothergill; Mr Bligh; Mr Edmondson; Mr Hardy; Mr Wastell; Mr James Stuart; Mme Venturi; Mrs Malleson; Mr Burgess; Mr Williams