Josephine Butler to her friends [the Miss Priestmans]

Scope and Content

Written on Federation office notepaper.

Says she is not well and to escape some of the hourly calls upon her and the noise and worry of London she has gone to her sister (Mrs Thomas) at 5 Cautley Avenue, Clapham Common and has put her son Charles into St Thomas' Hospital. Tells them where they can find the piece about Melbourne and New Zealand to fill in for the Report. Feels very upset by the report of the interview with Lady Henry Somerset on her CDA views in the morning newspaper. From this it is obvious that she has never read anything about their repeal history and principles 'She is grossly ignorant' She also says very naively that 'no well known high officials or military leaders oppose her views!!' The memorial petition has reached 65,000 signatures.

'The memorial petition ... will be presented to morrow'

For note on this see letter of [25 Jun 1897]

'Even now I have not filled up the piece about Melbourne followed by the piece about New Zealand'

See letter of 5 Jan [1897], which gives previous correspondence on this subject.

Administrative / Biographical History

'You will find those two pieces in Mr Burfoot's verbatim report of my speech at St Martin's Hall'

This was on the occasion of the annual meeting of the LNA held at St Martin's Town Hall, London 9 Jul 1897 at which JB took the Chair and speeches were made by her, Sir James Stansfeld and others.

(A general account of this meeting may be found in the 'Shield' Jul 1897 pp 25-27)

Biog: Mrs Thomas, Lady Henry Somerset, Mr Burfoot