Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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Written from Bailey's, London. Saturday [4 Sep 1897]. No date but JB speaks of writing to Miss Balgarnie 'last Mar' after which she attended the Committee meeting at King Street. Soon after this the Office moved to Tothill Street (see letter of May 21 from this address) Other references point to 1897 as the year and to the Autumn.

She explains her connection with Miss Balgarnie: that for two years she had her eyes on her [Miss B. was a worker and speaker for the BWTA] then she had 'called' her by a careful letter; after that she had attended the Committee at King Street and brought her name up as a possible recruit to speak for the Cause. The result: 'the whole Committee except you and Mr Stuart at once discouraged the idea of her being a suitable or safe person to speak for us'. She feels that that is conclusive against her pursuing the subject further.

Administrative / Biographical History

Date: This follows on letter of 26 Aug 1897 when JB was waiting for her son's wedding on Tuesday 31 Aug and was then going abroad and asks that all letters after 3 Sep should be addressed to her c/o M Minod, Geneva. Saturday would therefore be 4 Sep and she is saying 'as soon as I can I must leave London'

'The Committee at King St which discussed the Birmingham meeting and the enlargement of our forces'

This must be the Conference of Repealers held at Birmingham 13 Nov 1896 to protest against any Revival of the CD Acts.

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Biog: Miss Balgarnie, Mr HJ Wilson, William Lloyd Garrison