Josephine Butler to Miss Priestman

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Written from Liverpool. Is sorry for the defects in the last Report; nothing can be done now, but she has asked local Committees to report more fully to the Central committee. (See her letter of 5 Oct). She is anxious that the account of the 'Devonport work' should not wait until the next Report but come out as a pamphlet. [This referred to the prosecution of Mr Daniel Cooper of the Rescue Society, and Mrs King, appointed by the Bristol committee in the Spring of 1870. The Admiralty brought a charge against them both of interfering with the police in the performance of their duty. The charges were proved and Mrs King and Mr Cooper fined £5 each and costs].

Administrative / Biographical History

'The Devonport work' - Mr Daniel Cooper of the Rescue Society and Mrs King who was engaged by the Bristol Committee to go to Devonport as their Agent were brought before the magistrate on a charge of interfering with the police in the performance of their duty. The cases were heard on 28 Jul at Plymouth, and after an adjourned hearing on 2 Aug. The Bench of Magistrates decided the charged proved and fined Mrs King and Mr Cooper £5 each and costs. (Personal Reminiscences p 66)

Prosecution of Daniel Cooper and Mrs E King before the magistrates brought byt eh Admiralty Aug 1870. An account of the trial found in 'The Shield' (8 Aug p 187 and 15 Aug p 195 1870). An account of Daniel Cooper's life found in 'The Shield' 2 May 1885 pp 58-59

'Mrs Bright' - Mrs Ursula Bright wife of Jacob Bright MP (1821-1899) a keen worker, but not always to be relied upon

'The Torch' - When 'The Shield' , which Dr Hooppell had started at South Shields 3 Mar 1870, was transferred to London in Aug, Dr Hooppell started 'The Torch' to take its place; 1st no was published in South Shields Dec 1870.

Biog: Miss Estlin; Mrs Bright; Dr Hooppell; Mr Littleton; Capt Vivian; Daniel Cooper; Mrs EM King