RF Martineau to Mr Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from Holloway Head, Birmingham. Devoted almost entirely to Chamberlain. He points out that McLean, MP for East Stafford, has just died and that Chamberlain may be asked to represent the constituency. Very important for the Society if he could get elected now [a by-election in 1876 brought Chamberlain to the House as member for a safe seat in Birmingham]

Administrative / Biographical History

Chamberlain and choice of seat: Between 1873-1876 Chamberlain was winning fame for himself and Birmingham; by transforming its civic life it became an example to municipalities not only in the rest of England but also in Europe. Chamberlain did not enter Parliament till 1876 and then it was for Birmingham

'The effect produced on the country (as regards its estimation of the League) by the Bath election first'

The League is Northern Counties League for which HJ Wilson was Secretary

The Bath election 27 Jun 1873: see note for letter from Edmondson to HJ Wilson 27 Jun 1873

'Our Union' - This is the Midlands counties Electoral Union which took the place of the Birmingham Association 11 Dec 1872

Biog: Joseph Chamberlain; G Tatham; Jesse Collings; Capt Sergeant; Mr W Wastell