Josephine Butler to Henry J Wilson

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Written from La Gordanne, Vaud, Switzerland

Endeavours to answer the questions concerning India. She explains that the words quoted on page 11 of 'Reminiscences' were taken from a book she and Mr Stuart found in Cambridge University Library around about 1876. This was the Report of the Royal Commission of 1859/1863. This answered Questions 1 and 2. On questions 3 and 4, she had no idea where to find the opinions of Lord F Fitzclarence's predecessors, or where to find opinions of Sir Bartle Frere, Edwardes and Lord Lawrence officially expressed. But suggested looking through the life of the Col. (Sir Herbert Edwardes) who spent many years in India, and on a report to the Government at home on the causes which led to the Mutiny; also to look up the biographies of Sir Henry Lawrence and Lord Lawrence. Sir Bartle Frere helped to repeal the Acts in South Africa and his daughters have written his biography. They might have more information on who were the men who opposed the whole system of Contagious Diseases Acts in India and what they said.