Josephine Butler to [Miss Priestman]

Scope and Content

Written from Balham. Dated on eve of departure for Italy. She arrived on 12 Dec 1893.

'Stanley will see me off before taking little Josephine home to St Andrews. They have been with me for three days just to have her support removed, which she has grown out of.' Josephine's illness (spinal weakness) had been the main worry for Stanley and Rhoda (nee Bolton) since the beginning of 1891. She was brought down to London to be under the care of a specialist and then in Jul was moved to Wimbledon (George's home) under the care of her grandmother (Josephine Butler). The child did not finally rejoin her parents until Jul 1892.

'The dear American ladies'. Mrs Andrew and Dr Kate Bushnell who, after carrying out their investigation into the cantonments scandal in India, were now on their way home to the US via Italy. They had taken a steamer from Brindisi rather than delay their departure.

'The Three Bills from India are all unsatisfactory, and Mr Stansfeld and Mr Ilbert are drawing one up themselves'. Advises her friends to ask Mr Stuart how soon they may make this public and begin to frame memorials on the basis of the rejection of all Bills which do not enforce penal measures. Gives an address at Florence.

'Ilbert' was parliamentary draftsmen.

Administrative / Biographical History

'My dear George and his wife'. George, Josephine Butler's eldest son, and his wife, Mia, married in Jan 1893.

Biog: Mrs Andrew and Dr K Bushnell, Mr Stansfeld, Mr Ilbert