Josephine Butler to Miss Priestman

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Written from Montreux. Likes the MS report submitted to her, not much to alter. Says that Stuart seems anxious they should say nothing publicly about India yet, perhaps they are waiting to see whether the Parliamentary Committee is granted. Thinks the 'Dawn' should just be mentioned in the Report. Is grateful to the LNA for voting £20. For expenses of the Address to Continental Women. Praises the work of Mr Burfoot and his services for her. The Federation should really repay her Mr Burfoot's salary, for she had worked hard all this winter for the Federation. The Committee need assuring that she is looking after the Continental interests. Thanks her friend for offering to subscribe to the work of compiling a history of their Crusade [see letters of 13 Oct and 7 Nov 1892] but better wait till it is ready to go to press [It was finally published 1896] Mr Thomasson has sent her a cheque to help with research work. He also said how the 'Recollections' had helped and comforted him 'in a time recently of great trial'.

Administrative / Biographical History

No year but Hague Conference in Sep was mentioned and that was in 1893.

'I have just paid Mr Burfoot his salary for his services to me since Sep last year' (See letters of 11 Feb & 23 Apr 1891).

'The 'Dawn' work is in his [Mr Burfoot] hands' [the business side]

'Dawn' a quarterly which ran from May 1888 - Oct 1896.

'unless they read the Bulletin on the Dawn' See Note letter of 7 Nov 1886 Humbert to JB, for 'Bulletin' 29 Jul 1888 JB to Miss Priestman for 'Dawn'

'I sent (by the resolution of the LNA) the address to the missionaries of the Decennial Indian Conference ... I thought it best to address it to those Missionaries who regret the action of the Conference' - The Decennial Missionary Conference was held in Bombay for a week beginning 29 Dec 1892; and a sitting on 'Public Morality in India' was held on 2 Jan. Alfred S Dyer was booked to speak at this meeting, but he was not told that resolutions were to be excluded till he arrived at the meeting. At the meeting he read an extract from a letter JB had sent him which emphasised her high hopes of what might emerge from the Conference: 'A real renewed battle in India on the subject of Repeal and of moral purging, which cannot but end in victory in God's own time' Mr Dyer then read out the resolution which he had come to the meeting prepared to move. (For full account of the meeting with quotation from JB's letter see the Dawn Mar 1893 p 2)

The full text dated Feb 1893 of the appeal sent to India by the LNA to the members of the Decennial Missionary Conference 'who are opposed to the Govt action in India in the matter of regulation of vice' is to be read in the 'Dawn' May 1893 p 14.

'He [Mr Stuart] seems very anxious that we should say nothing publicly about India yet. But perhaps the Parliamentary Committee he and Mr Stansfeld are asking for may be granted before the Report is printed'

The India Office were digesting the report of Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew entitled 'A statement of facts' which was submitted after their return in Apr 1892 from this fact finding mission in India. 'A statement of facts' was submitted to the India Office and the Govt about 20 Mar 1893. Finally on 7 Apr 1893 The Secretary of State for India appointed a Department Committee with GWE Russell MP Under Sec for India as Chairman and J Stansfeld and HJ Wilson representing the House of Commons and representing the Council of India. (See RR 669 7 Apr 1893). Naturally before this was settled and made public it was essential to put nothing in print or mention it in public. (See letters of 30 Mar and 17 Apr with notes)

'Quote from my letter ... about the Northern Countries' See letter of 13 Jan 1893 and Note on 'Address to Northern Countries'

'Address to Continental Women'

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Biog: Mr Stuart, Mr Stansfeld, Mr Burfoot, Mr Alfred S Dyer, Mr Thomasson, M Minod