Mme Pieczynaka to Josephine Butler

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Photocopy of a copy of a letter.

She has received all Josephine Butler's letters. What she hears from JB about Polish refugees flocking to England corroborates what she hears direct from her Polish friends of the despair of the whole population on account of the recent recruitment for the War [Russo-Japanese War, Feb 1904-Aug 1905]. The other two communications dealt with her expressed wish that no biography of her should be published nor any publication of her intimate letters be permitted. 'This we pledge ourselves to do' .

The paper she has sent is an extra number of 'a magazine published by the most violent anarchists. Having been one of the Reflectors of the Christ light dear Friend, hearts have been won and allegations conquered; and now a great power is wielded by the words you send us... May God enable us to transmit to others this solemn teaching we have received from you'. She will be seeing M. de Meuron shortly and will discuss with him 'what shall be done with your letters.'

Administrative / Biographical History

[c.12 Jan 1905] No date but written early in Jan 1905. as JB refers to the surprising news in Mrs P's letter in her letter of 11 Jan to Miss Forsaith]

'Recent recruitment for the war'

This would be the Russo-Japanese war which began 8 Feb 1904 and finished Aug 1905

'no biography of you should ever be published nor any publication of your intimate letters permitted'

The letter in which this express wish of JB to her sons not to allow a biography to be published was dated 5 Mar 1903 and addressed to Miss Forsaith

'look for instance at the paper I send you, an extra number of a magazine published by the most violent anarchists'

In her letter of 11 Jan 1905 to Miss Forsaith JB describes a new year's number of an anarchist paper containing the 'Life of Christ' very beautiful and impressive

Biog: Mme E Pieczynska; Mme Bergner; M de Meuron