Josephine Butler to Mr Edmondson

Scope and Content

Written from Liverpool. About the coming visit of different commissions of the Paris Town Council to London, on the invitation of the City of London, on a mission of enquiry on the subject of the Regulations. Yves Guyot was among those invited, but he was immediately called on to serve his deferred sentence of six months imprisonment [See note]. JB pointed out that it was of the utmost importance to use this visit to the utmost, she has had hard times of late: illness in the family, loss in money, loss of Secretary.

Administrative / Biographical History

[Beginning of May] 1877. 'The moment this mission became known in Paris, the Prefect summoned Guyot to 'attend prison'. (See note on Guyot in letter of 25 Nov 1876 JB to Friends). Guyot started his imprisonment 27 Apr 1877 so this letter written soon after that date. 'I hope you have observed the very great value of Sheldon Amos' book'. This was 'Laws for the regulation of Vice' by Sheldon Amos 1877. The full title was: 'A comparative survey of the laws in force for the prohibition, regulation and licensing of Vice in England and other countries'. It was described at the time of publication as 'a solid contribution to the defence of the Abolitionist Campaign'. 'The long and sad illness of one of our sons'. This refers to their eldest son George as revealed in a letter to her old friend Mrs Clark (letter of 29 Apr 1877) where she says: 'our dear eldest son ... has fallen into a trying state of health, mentally and physically'. Biog: Yves Guyot; Joseph Chamberlain; Mr Banks; Mrs Henry Wilson; Mr Gledstone; Mr Collingwood; Sheldon Amos; Miss Humbert and parents.