Josephine Butler to Mrs Charlotte Wilson enclosing a letter to Mr Ellis

Scope and Content

Written from Winchester. She thought 'Mr Hopwood's little speech last night was very good'. Their MP friends beg them to continue petitioning. Apologies for leaving in the middle of her friend's speech, but she was 'sinking for want of food'.

Administrative / Biographical History

Date Wednesday [23 May 1883]. 'Mr Hopwood's little speech last night was very good' and 'I was sorry to leave when you were speaking.' A meeting of representatives in the Repeal movement convened for consultation regarding the present position of the movement was held under the auspices of the LNA at the Carlton St. Hotel on Tuesday 22 May 1883 at 2.00 pm. JB presided. Speeches by James Stuart, Mr J Edmondson, Miss I Tod, Rev JP Gledstone (see 'Shield', 2 Jun 1883, p.168). 'Mr Ellis' was the man mentioned by Charlotte Wilson in the letter she wrote to JB, 7 Mar 1883, which she began by saying 'I cannot bring myself to send your letter to Mr Ellis' [she had imagined JB had cast some slur upon the male members of the Society]. Hence JB's remark at the beginning of this letter. Biog: Mr JE Ellis; Mr Hopwood MP; Samuel Smith.