Josephine Butler to Mr Johnson

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Written from Winchester. Thanks him for the useful letter he sent her on the Government paper and she is studying his letter in connection with it. They were happy to report at the Lausanne Conference [the International Conference of the Federation held in Sep of that year] the fact that abolition of ordinances had been passed in Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados. Comments on Gibraltar, Fiji. Hong Kong. She is not passing all this information to M. Humbert who is now released from his official position in the Federation and is most anxious to devote himself to Colonial correspondence. He knows most of these countries from personal visits and she is most anxious to devolve some of this correspondence upon him. [Signed George Butler for Josephine E Butler]

Administrative / Biographical History

' We were very happy to be able to report at Lausanne the fact that abolition of ordinances had been passed in Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados.' (RR Mar-Apr 1887. 515A) Colonial Secretary instructs Governors of several Crown Colonies to repeal the existing CD Ordinances. This had been preceded 25 Oct 1886 by: 25 Oct 1886. (RR 511A) Colonial Secretary informs Governors of the various Crown Colonies, that as Imperial CD Acts had been repealed, similar laws in the Colonies would no doubt be called in question in Parliament, and asked if any special reason existed for the continuance of such laws. 'I have again communicated to the heads of the Wesleyan Missionary Society in London the statement concerning Fiji.' A reference to Fiji is to be found in Government statement quoted in RR 513A. 'But in the case of Fiji he does not press for immediate repeal in view of special circumstances.' Biog: Mr GW Johnson; Mr Humbert.