Dr Katharine Bushnell to Miss Forsaith

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Typed letter. Written from 39 Scarisbrick New Rd, Southport.

They think they can now drop the affair of Lady Henry Somerset and Mrs Butler after sending out 100 copies of the Call to Duty and an equal number of the last Sentinel, containing Mrs Butler's full letter of resignation and the report of the conventions. Thinks that members of the BWTA [British Women's Temperance Association] should move to sever all relations with the World's Women's Christian Temperance Union [WWCTU] so long as Lady Henry is its vice-president.

Administrative / Biographical History

'We are however sending out 100 copies of the Call to Duty, with an equal number of the last 'Sentinel' containing JB's full letter of resignation. A note on Call to Duty is given in letter of 17 Feb 1898 and printed in 'Shield' Feb 1898, p 77.

JB's letter of resignation is among the collection of her letters in our possession under date 29 Nov 1897 and the letter as it stands is printed in the Shield, Dec 1897, p 59.

'We forwarded Mrs Cole's letter ... to Mrs Butler.' This was the letter dated 2 Nov 1897, in which she tells JB of her indignation at Lady Henry Somerset's being elected to the office of Vice President at the WWCTU which caused her to resign all connection with that body.

'We are planning a 2nd ed. of 'Queen's Daughters' as rapidly as possible.'

For Note on editions of this book see letter of 21 Dec 1897.

'If members of the BWTA would now move to sever all relations with the World's WCTU.'

The various branches of the BTWA passed resolutions re-iterating their continued opposition to start regulation of vice but re-elected Lady Henry as their President. But as a further sign of their anti-CD Acts feeling many branches formed a Dept. in their branch of 'Anti-state regulation of vice' with a President and Secretary.

Thus at the Annual Convention of the Durham & Northumberland Union of the BWTA held at Newcastle 29 Nov 1897. They formed an 'Anti-State Regulation of Vice Dept.' and Mrs Spence Watson was appointed Suptd.

(See the 'Shield' Jan 1898, p 69) (See letter of 24 Nov 1897, JB to James Stuart).

'What a dreadful thing it would be if the Committee does not act promptly but allow Mr Gledstone to withdraw while holding on to Mr Mc-

JB shows in her letter of 18 May 1897 addressed to Miss Forsaith that her action over Lady Henry had been influenced by private friendship: 'I write to express to you very seriously my feeling that we have yielded too much to Mr McLaren's feelings of private friendship for Lady Henry Somerset, in remaining entirely silent, and putting forth no public answer to her ...'

Again in her p 6 of 30 May 1897 addressed to Miss Forsaith she writes:

'After receiving Mr McLaren's letter I made a considerable modification of the sentences about Lady H in my proof letters. Please dear see that you get the latest edition therefore from Pew Press. I hope it may mollify.'

'Have you seen the last 'White Ribbon?' This was the organ of the BWTA.

Biog: Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew, Lady Henry Somerset, Mrs Cole, Mr Gledstone, Mr McLaren, Miss Willard