Josephine Butler to Rev George Butler staying at Oxford

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Written from Liverpool.

She and the two boys have spent a happy Sunday. She is so thankful her husband has 'such a true and affectionate friend as James Stuart'. She is going to visit the 'House of Rest' [see note] that evening in place of her husband. Mr Bright (Jacob) has offered to get her into the House on Tuesday when the motion [for Repeal] may be brought up. She would like to go, but will wait to see what the London papers say on Monday.

Administrative / Biographical History

Sunday [4] Jun 1871

'I will go to the 'House of Rest' this evening instead of you' - This was started by JB as a House for the sick and dying starting with her visits to the Workhouse at Liverpool. She became aware of the number of destitute and sick women there were in a city the size of Liverpool, and started a house in which to receive the dying. Her sister Fanny, recently widowed came and helped with the work. (For further details see Note with letter [Feb 1867] JB to Edith Leupold)

'Goat' is groaning a little over his iambics'

A family pet name for George, her eldest son. In Dec 1871 George was elected an Exhibitioner at Trinity Coll, Cambridge; he obtained 1st class Math Tripos and 2nd class classical Tripos 1876

'Mr Bright would like me to come to the House ... the doubt is that the motion may be again postponed' - The Repeal Bills introduced into Parliament in 1870 and 1871 were as follows:

24 May 1870: Mr William Fowler moved for leave to introduce Repeal Bill. Defeated by motion for adjournment of debate. Government offered inquiry which was refused. Strangers 'spied' (Rough Record 90)

20 Jul 1870: Adjournment debate on Fowler's motion of 24 May, and again adjourned (Fowler withdrew motion on 3 Aug) (Rough Record 94B)

31 Jul 1871: Mr Mundella's efforts to introduce a Repeal Bill into the House of Commons. Three times obstructed and defeated (Rough Record 150)

14 Aug 1871: Debate in the House of Commons on motion by W Fowler to reduce estimates in regard to police employed under CD Acts £3,793. Fowler, Henley, Mundella spoke Ayes 44 Noes 56. Mr Mundella's speech reprinted as a leaflet (Rough Record 155)

'Goat' - pet name for George

'Cat or Catty' - pet name for Stanley

'Karli' - pet name for Charles

'Therm or Thick' - pet name for James Stuart in the Butler family

Biog: James Stuart; Mr Bright (Jacob)