Josephine Butler to [Miss Priestman]

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Written from Hotel Grande Bretagne, Le Cannet, Cannes. Her anxieties nearly over; the Meuricoffres arrived safely and are now much better. Agnes McLaren been several times to see her [see letters of 3 Feb 1889 and 19 Oct 1882] Says her friend must not give anything for the Continental work as what she already gives must exhaust her funds. She will try to sketch a Report for the LNA giving some news of the last two years. Glad she approves of the idea of writing a history of their Crusade [see letter of 13 Oct]. Appreciates her words about George (husband) as she knows that her friend and her sisters and Mrs Priscilla McLaren were 'those who of all others (among women) appreciated him always the most and understood the sacrifices he made.

Administrative / Biographical History

'My poor brother is much changed since the sudden death of their dear son.' This was Conrad Meuricoffres who died suddenly in 1892. There were 3 other sons besides, John and Fred and the youngest George. Only one daughter survived childhood, Thekla.

'I must send home for the number of the 'Dawn' which contains the report of the Brussels Congress. This was the 'Dawn' no.14 Oct 1891.

'I am much grieved to hear of the breakdown of your good and hard-working niece, and also of Helen Clark's anxiety about her son.' The Priestmans and the Clarks were related by inter marriage. Mrs Helen Clark (friend and correspondent of JB) was a daughter of Elizabeth Priestman and John Bright and therefore a niece of the Miss Priestmans with whom JB kept up a constant correspondence. Helen Clark had 3 daughters and 2 sons, so the references here are probably to this family.

Biog: The Meuricoffres (Hatty & Tell), Mr Dyer, Helen Clark & family, Little Josephine