Dr Bushnell to Miss Forsaith

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Written from near Holyhead, Wales.

Wonders if 'their friends realise that Lady H is now President of the World's Women's Christian Temperance Union because of Miss Willard's death' They have arranged meeting at Birmingham for 4 and 5 Mar and have just heard from someone acting as Mr Fox's secretary, that Miss F wishes to send out a copy of Lady H's retraction with each one of the invitations to their meetings. They replied that if that were done they would not come to the meetings. Apparently Mrs Sheldon Amos was at the bottom of this design and they would be glad if Mr Wilson and Mr Stuart could advise us on best course of action.

Administrative / Biographical History

'We had a splendid large enthusiastic meeting last night. This was the much talked of meeting of 20 Feb at the big Cambridge Hall.' See letters of 21 Jan and 22 and 17 Feb in which Mrs Andrew thinks things look rather gloomy for their meeting.

'One who has been bitterly opposed to the 'Call to Duty'.

See Note on this in letter of 17 Feb 1898, Mrs Andrew to Miss Forsaith. Full text printed in 'Shield' Feb 1898 p.77.

'Lady Henry Somerset is now President of the WWCTU because of Miss Willard's death.'

Miss Willard died the same day as Sir James Stansfeld. (Mrs Andrew contrasts the two not to Miss Willard's advantage. See letter of 19 Feb from Mrs Andrew to Miss Forsaith)

'enclosing 'The Christian' article'

'The Christian' for 17 Feb 1898 contained a comment on the letter of retraction sent by Lady Henry Somerset to Lord George Hamilton from Eastnor Castle, 27 Jan 1898. Both this and the comment are printed in 'The Shield' of Mar 1898 p.90. See note on 'Retraction' 18 Feb, JB to Miss Forsaith.

Biog: Lady Henry Somerset, Miss Willard, Mr Gledstone, Mrs Sheldon Amos, Mrs Fox