Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

Scope and Content

Written from Ewart, Wooler, Northumberland.

Most of the letter devoted to her work on the 'Storm Bell' the first number of which was to be 'a very plain and simple explanation of why we appeal to them again, and what the CD Acts are which are threatening us again' This number if thought to be suitable could be reprinted and used as a pamphlet.

Administrative / Biographical History

'I find I need documents of reference so much in trying to write my little 'penny trumpet' organ'

This was a reference to production of 'Storm-Bell' which JB was engaged in. Date of publication 15 Jan 1898.

'I want you to post to her that document which was drawn up in answer to the Govt'

This was the Memorial drawn up by the British Committee and addressed to Lord G Hamilton (15 Apr 1897) 'explaining why they considered his proposals at once inadequate and highly dangerous'

They specially pointed out that it was impossible to treat VD like other infectious diseases.

(For full text see the 'Shield' May 1897 p 6).

'The circumstances at Buffalo and Toronto have thrown into our camp many convinced women and men too, fired as they have never yet been on this question'

This refers to the 3 Women's Conventions which have lately been held in America (1) at Toronto of the Canadian WCTU (22 Oct) (2) at the same place, of the World's WCTU (26 Oct); (3) at Buffalo, of the USWCTU (2 Nov)

At each of these conventions a Resolution condemnatory of Regulation was unanimously passed.

(See 'Shield' Dec 1897 p 58 under 'Notes from America')

Biog: Miss Lee Warner, Maurice Gregory, Mr Burfoot, Mr Cope