Josephine Butler to Miss Mary [Priestman]

Scope and Content

Written from St Beatenburg

'I have written fully to Maurice Gregory and told him what has been done ... about Australia and New Zealand'

She has also written a second letter of Appeal and Warning which might be distributed in those countries to women and Women's Societies. Asks Mrs Tanner if the Ladies' National Association has sufficient funds to help with the printing of her last Letter of Appeal. So many difficult things to decide about Colmar; has telegraphed to M. Minod to come for consultation.

'The dear old Mayor of Colmar writes me in great trouble because the Germans are behaving so badly'. Josephine replied 'by no means'.

The Mayor was M Schlumberger. For an account of the intrigue of the German 'Society of Public Morality' to wreck the Colmar Conference see letter of 20 Aug 1895. References to him also in letters dated 14 and 20 Aug 1895.

Administrative / Biographical History

In the 'Sentinel' of Sep 1895 p 127 is an article by Maurice Gregory entitled 'State regulation of Vice in Australasia. An approaching crisis'. He writes: 'In Feb of next year an inter-Colonial Medical Congress is to be held in New Zealand attended by doctors from all parts of Australasia. There is every probability that a determined attempt will be made there to commence an agitation for the energetic enforcement of the Contagious Diseases Acts throughout Australia and New Zealand, under an hypocritical covering of 'Rescue' work'. Josephine Butler had remarked on this danger in a letter dated 26 Jul 1895 to Miss Mary Priestman saying that 'Groups of women all about the world are publicly placing themselves on the side of the Regulationists' and then citing the New Zealand women as the worst of all because the first use they made of the vote (granted in 1893) was 'to pass and publish in all the newspapers a Resolution of the 'Women's Liberal League' in favour of the Contagious Diseases Acts which they 'recognise as a benefit to posterity and a protection to married women in unfortunate circumstances'.

Letters of appeal

The 1st 'letter of earnest appeal and warning' was addressed to the members of the British and Continental Federation (see letter dated 4 Apr 1895 Josephine Butler to the Miss Priestmans). The 2nd letter had the additional title 'The Defection of Women'

Biog: Maurice Gregory, Mr Dyer, Dr Kate Bushnell, Mr Adams, Mr Aldis, Mrs Wilson (of Sydney), M Minod