Josephine Butler to Josephine and Bob Butler (grandchildren)

Scope and Content

Photocopy of letter. Written from Cannes.

Says how cold it is even in that warm country, so that the flowers are all shrivelled up and icicles hanging from the arches of the aqueduct. Suggests they should pray for the poor people and little children in London and big cities and that they might put a penny in their collecting box now and then to help them. Asks them to think of the long way the letter from Uncle Charlie came from the centre of Africa to the coast and then nearly three weeks in a ship.

Administrative / Biographical History

'a good kind gentleman in London ... [who] is always looking after poor starved children'

This would be a reference to Dr Barnardo who started his work for homeless children in Stepney in 1866, which starting with the purchase of 2 small houses in Stepney blossomed into the Barnardo Homes known over the whole country.

'a letter from Uncle Charlie' Charles (JB's youngest son) was working in Central Africa 1891-1893. In a letter of 3 Feb 1891 she says in a letter to Stanley 'I have not needed to send Charlie any [money] lately'. Jun 1892: 'I have got a very interesting letter from Charles. He is working away hard'. At the end of 1893 he spoke of taking a short sea voyage to avoid the rainy season and the fevers. In Apr 1894 he arrives in Genoa and travels to Switzerland to recuperate in the mountain air. JB stays on in Switzerland to see him after nearly 5 years of separation.

'help Uncle George get married' - George (JB's eldest son) was married to Mia St Paul 19 Jan 1893.