Josephine Butler to Henry Minod

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Photocopy of letter. Written from Rome

She is writing to him in English to ask his assistance in carrying out a task of some difficulty. Recently she had seen the private legal advisor of the Pope (Aicardi) and after giving him a careful exposition of their Cause said that an expression of opinion from Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) would carry weight throughout the Catholic world. He then explained that the Pope must first be assured that there is a 'formed and receptive audience' to whom to address his appeals. Her task, therefore, is to obtain the opinions of as many local bishops as possible, and she suggests she should write a persuasive letter dated from Rome, stating what the Pope thinks of the State regulation of vice and conveying to the Vatican their disapproval of the same. She therefore asks her dear friend if he could possibly try to write for her (in French) such a letter as she has indicated, to get them copied and returned to her for signature and posting from Rome. She will write to those bishops in England, Ireland and Belgium that she knows.

'Have you any more copies in Italian of 'Una voce nel deserto?' She would like to send them to the pope through Signor Aicardi; she would like twelve copies in Italian and French. This was a collection of Josephine's addresses given on the Continent during her winter campaign of 1874/1875, and edited by M Aime Humbert. They were spoken in French, printed in 1875 in French and German and widely circulated. They were never published in English but were translated year by year into other languages. The Italian translation was by Guiseppe Nathan, her friend and co-worker who died in 1881.

Administrative / Biographical History

Biog: Henry Minod (Secretary General of International Federation), Avvocato Aircardi,

M Tommasi-Crudeli, Professor Celli, M Mussche, Pere Rousseau, Pope Leo XIII