Josephine Butler to Mr and Mrs Thompson

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Written from Mon Repos, Serrieres, Neuchatel to Bridgwater. Thanks them warmly for their proposal to send her a sum of money to help her in her present work and circumstances. She had come to the very edge of her account at Coutts. She is glad to report what looks like a revival of their cause in that country. Had a very successful meeting at Neuchatel, but Geneva is not touched and remains 'a plague spot in the heart of the Continent'. Victory can only be gained by a powerful tide of spiritual forces and there is none of this element in Geneva. Wishes she were young and strong enough to conduct a campaign to arouse the women and men who are against it. With envelope.

Administrative / Biographical History

'not to go up to the Jura again while this weather lasts. It goes to my heart not to return to my dear Adela'

This was JB's niece, then dying of TB.

(see letters of 4, 13 and 29 Nov 1890)

(Also Note to letter JB to Miss Priestman, 18 Oct 1890.

'Mr and Mrs Thompson'

This is the 1st letter we have addressed to people of this name, though obviously from JB's remarks in her letter they were old friends.

The envelope is addressed to: Mr and Mrs Thompson, (FJ Thompson), Hamp Green, Bridgwater

Biog: Adela Grey; Mr F Burfoot; M Felix Boret; M Minod; Mme de Gingins; Rev J Dymock; Mr and Mrs Thompson (FJ Thompson)