Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friends' [the Priestmans]

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Written from Balham

'I have such important news from India who I have put in the 'Dawn' who is now being printed. (This appeared in the 'Dawn' Feb 1895 p 2)

She is trying to get the printer to send a slip of that article to them so that they can have it for their meeting. She suggests a Resolution that could be used to encourage the friends of Repeal.

'Mr Stansfeld, Stuart and McLaren have all been to Mr Fowler twice'

HH Fowler was Secretary for India in Lord Rosebery's Cabinet from Mar 1894 to Jun 1895 when Lord Salisbury's 3rd Cabinet was formed.

'The Ladies of the Canton de Vaud are having a great conflict ... They are begging me to come at once ... but I cannot ... I am too much beaten by the long cold'

For details of this 'great conflict' see note for letter dated 18 Jan 1895.

M Minod (Secretary of the Federation at Geneva) is working hard for the women.

The 'long cold'. The winter of 1894/1895 was one of the coldest winters of the century in Western Europe. Her sufferings in her small jerry-built house made Josephine Butler give it up rather than face another winter in it.

Administrative / Biographical History

Josephine Butler pointed out in her article that there was a growing official Indian feeling against interference from England in Indian affairs. This view was held by many people in England when it concerned political affairs, and was being used in connection with the abolition of State Regulation by an English Parliament. This confusion of the political question with the moral religious question makes it difficult to advance their Cause and to present a clear cut issue. Her suggestion is 'to engage the Christian press and pulpit and still more the united prayers and faith of the servants of God throughout Great Britain against this new danger'.

The cold winter 1894-1895 made the main underground drain pipes freeze in Ipswich and other cities of England.

Biog: Mr Stansfeld, Mr Stuart, Mr McLaren, Mr HH Fowler