Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

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Photocopy of letter. Written from Lausanne.

She was very shocked when the news of General Buller's reverse [this occurred when General Buller was advancing to the relief of Ladysmith on 15 Dec 1899]. She was comforted by the words of M. Minod [Sec. General of the Federation, Geneva] who said that 'everyone is struck by the calmness of the English character just now'

Administrative / Biographical History

'The telegram (in the Gazette) of General Buller's reverse' On 15 Dec 1899 General Buller advancing to the relief of Ladysmith was outfought by Louis Botha at Colenso on the Tugela River and retired after losing 10 guns and 1100 men (Ensor England 1870-1914 pp 253-4)

'I am sorry for Agnata and her family and their suspense.' 'Agnata' was the 2nd wife of Montagu Butler, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. Her family (3 sons) were too young to fight in this war but the family of Montagu Butler's 1st wife whom he married in 1861 with 2 boys, Edward and Arthur would have been of military age in 1899

'Constance Baldwin' Constance was the daughter of JB's eldest sister Eliza who married William Morrison and had 4 children including Constance and Edith (who married Leupold). Constance married Mr Baldwin and had a son John

'Brummagem Joe' a slang name for Joseph Chamberlain

Biog: General Buller, General Wauchope, M Minod, Cecil Rhodes, Agnata Butler