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David Cock and George Wand of York, millers and partners; Thomas Monckmon, master of Sir Thomas Hesketh's Hospital, with John Hare, John Ware, John Jackson, Thomas Haw, Benjamin Lasey, John Tarbottom, and Jonathan Cundall, brethren of the hospital, and Alice Priss, sister of the hospital; Benjamin Kitchin of Pocklington, miller; Charles Yarburgh of Heslington, esq., and Sir James Norcliffe of Langton, bt.
Castle Mills (the previous tenants being listed), now leased to Kitchin.
21 years from Lady Day next, at £30 p.a. plus flour allowance in the week before Easter.
Refers to lease of 31 December 1757, between master (John Green), brethren, and sister of the hospital on one part, Ralph Yoward and John Scott, both of York, gents., on another, and Charles Yarburgh and Thomas Norcliffe, then of Langton, but now deceased, of the third part, for 21 years from Lady Day then next following. Prior to entry, Yoward and Scott had spent considerable sums on repairs to the mills and hospital house. The mills had later been transferred to Cock and Wand. Kitchin had now made an agreement with them to take over the tenancy from midsummer next.
The mills had recently been declared almost ruinous by [....] Marshall of Marton and [....] Moyser of Buttercrambe, millwrights, having been neglected and having suffered from uncertainties surrounding an abortive proposal (in 1768) to alter the endowment of the hospital. Kitchin therefore covenants to spend £600 within one year of midsummer 1779, for [a] repairs to the mills and river banks, etc., completely replacing anything not thought worth repairing; [b] constructing flood mill; [c] erecting machine for dressing flour like London flour; [d] constructing a mill for shelling oats, together with any other works that Kitchin feels profitable. If £600 proves insufficient, he will spend whatever additional sum is necessary.
Hospitallers covenant to renew lease for two successive terms of 21 years each.
Kitchin covenants to repair hospital house.

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