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Anne Peacock of Rawcliffe, widow, and Jeremiah Rhodes of Otley, yeoman; Charles Yarburgh of Heslington, esq.
For Yarburgh's peaceful and unencumbered possession of a close of arable, meadow, or pasture in the Ings of Snaith and Cowick, lately in the tenure of Mr George Hirst, but now of Mr John Latham or his undertenants or assigns, containing 2 acres 1 rood 21 poles, and adjoining lands of Mr Joseph Ingham to east, lands lately belonging to Sugden and Mason on the west, Yarburgh's lands to north, and the Ings Drain to the south, which had been allotted to Rhodes and Peacock under the recent enclosure Act, and which Peacock, Rhodes, Mary his wife, and James Hirst of Rawcliffe, tanner, had sold to him for £94 10s., and surrendered to his use. They are also to assure his title.

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