Assignment of lease

Scope and Content

16 February 1731/2.
Blague Yarburgh of York, esq., Thomas Yarburgh of Campsall, esq., and Henrietta Maria Vanbrugh, widow; Henry Yarburgh of Wheldrake, gent.
Manor or lordship of Cowick and Snaith and the soke of Snaith with all lands, rents, and appurtenances; pasture called Dykemarsh in the lordship of Snaith, with the closes named Gringhope, Rawcliffe wood, Turpine croft, Cremhalls, Brockhurst, Almondhead, and Deere croft, and certain fishing rights, all of which had been leased for 27 years from Michaelmas 1683 to Richard Graham and Richard Bell of Clifford's Inn, London, gents., by lease dated 15 December 1679, at £9 14s. 4d. per annum; parcel of land or moor called King's moor with its appurtenances, abutting the common pasture called Dykemarsh to the south and with the river Aire to the east, late in the tenure of Henry Stapilton, leased as above to Graham and Bell for 19½ years from Michaelmas 1692 at rent of £1 13s. 0d. per annum; manorial rights, fairs, and markets, a parcel of meadow in Snaith ings abutting on the lands of John Dawney, esq., to the east and west, containing 1 acre 2 roods, a parcel of meadow called the Thwaite abutting to the east on a meadow belonging to Sir Richard Yarbrough, kt., and to the west on a meadow belonging to John Ludsdale, containing 2 acres, a parcel of meadow near Turnbridge, abutting on Booth bank common to the south and the meadow of John Dawney to the north, containing 1 acre, a swathe of meadow in the Yoles, abutting to the north on lands of William Motherby, with those of James Booth to the south, a swathe of meadow there, abutting the lands of James Booth to north and south, 5 swathes in the far doles, with the lands of Nicholas Yarborough to the east and those of John Lusdale to the south, 1½ swathes there, abutting the Head acre to the west and with the lands of Thomas Balland to the east, and two swathes in the far doles near the Cock Place, containing altogether 2 acres, a parcel of meadow in the east part of South field, abutting on the lands of John Dawney to the east, with those of Thomas Gleadow and William Motherby to the west, containing 1 acre, a parcel of meadow lying near Springstile in south field, abutting the lands of John Dawney to the east, with those of William Motherby to the west, containing 1½ acres, the total area of all the lands being 9 acres 3 roods, now or late in the tenure of Elizabeth and Oswold Motherby, a windmill and appurtenances in the parish of Snaith, now or late in the tenure of Elias Haselwood and William Canworth, formerly demised to William Motherby by a lease now expired, the clay called the potter clay yearly dug upon the commons and wastes of the manor, the messuage or tenement called the King's house with its outbuildings and appurtenances in Cowick, abutting the house of Christopher Lonsdale to the east, and with Kings Lane to the west, the fields of Snaith and Cowick to the north, and the town moor of Snaith to the south, now or late in the tenure of John Denby, a parcel of heath or marshland called King's waste lying between Dykemarsh and the marshland in the manor, abutting Fox Hole bank to the west and Moor Dyke bank to the east, near East Toft, now or late in the tenure of Edward Carnaby, containing 3 acres, all having been leased to Graham and Bell as above for 20½ years from 20 February 1688/9, at rent of £10 15s. 8d. per annum; Incles moor, containing 2000 acres, Sykehouse moor, containing 200 acres, Kings moor end, containing 160 acres, and Snaith and Cowick moor ends and Rawcliffe moor, containing 800 acres.
Leased under the seal of the duchy of Lancaster for 28½ years from Lady Day 1733, by lease dated 5 June 1731.
Blague and Thomas appoint Henry as their deputy as steward and bailiff of the manor.

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