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By the Queen, at request of Walter Jobson, of decree of Exchequer Court in Easter Term, 1581. (25 April).
Recites decree, containing recital of decision of Court of Exchequer on 15 February in Hilary Term last past in case between Walter Jobson, plaintiff, and Nicholas Rickarde, defendant, annulling injunction granted to Rickarde against Walter Jobson the elder and Walter Jobson the younger in the Court of Augmentations on 29 June 1574, restoring Jobson to possession of things then disputed, although allowing Rickarde to continue the issue if he could prove the annullment of the injunction to have been corruptly obtained. Jobson's Counsel has continued actions because he did not comprehend the decree. The annullment of the injunction is again recited, although Rickarde may proceed under conditions outlined in previous declaration of the annullment.

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