Surrender of mortgage

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Thomas Midgley of Cookridge, esq., and Nicholas Smith of Hunslett Lane, parish of Leeds, esq. (trustees according to indenture dated 6 April 1775 to settle £2700 as therein appointed); Henry Wickham of Cottingley, parish of Bingley, esq.
Four messuages or tenements in the parish of Bingley, with all houses, lands, etc. thereto belonging (Elam Grange, containing 70 acres, now or late in the occupation of William Mitchell and Thomas Wilkinson, Elam Woodhead, containing 39 acres, now or late in the occupation of Abraham Mitchell, the Height, containing 35 acres, now or late in the occupation of John Wilinson the elder, and Morton Banks, containing 6 acres, now in the occupation of Thomas Emmett), with all Wickham's possessions in Morton Banks, Elam Grange, Woodhead, and Keighley; manor of Heslington etc.
Abstracts indenture of 9 February 1782 between Atwicke; Wickham; Midgley and Smith; and Richard Peacopp of Hunslet, merchant, and Susanna his wife, referring to the lease and release. Atwicke needed repayment of £5000, Wickham had sought assistance from Midgley and Smith who, with the approval of Peacopp and wife, had paid him £2600 (secured on the above lands) from the monies of their trust. £2730 was to be repaid, as detailed (not abstracted).
Midgley and Smith had absolute title. Total debt £2600, all interest being paid. They covenant for unencumbrance.

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