Covenant, to levy a fine(copy)

Scope and Content

William Carleile of Ecclesfield, apothecary, and Elizabth his wife; Ralph Creyk of Marton, gent.
Messuage, tenement, or farmhouse with barns, stables, outbuildings, etc., garden, orchard, and appurtenances at Wigtwistle, chapelry of Bradfield, closes of enclosed lands or wood lands usually leased with the messuage, as follows: the Hoard Ing, the Hollin Carr, the Hollin Carr Wood, the Little Carr, the Great Carr, the Tiffield, the Far Carr, the Carr Bottom, the Taylor Carr, the Carr Wood, containing altogether 37a.
All the properties are now in the tenure, occupation or possession of George Gillatt.
A messuage or tenement with outhouses with parcels or piecse of common field dispersed in the common fields of Wigtwistle, containing 27a. 3r. 39p., all within the parish of Bradfield
And in the tenure, occupation, or possession of Gillatt.
A messuage or tenement with two closes (formerly in one close called the Great Cosh) called the Little Cosh and the Croft, containing together 7a., at Conyers in the chapelry of Bradfield, commonly called Conyers Farm
And now in the tenure or occupation of Joseph Horsfield.
Four closes called the Grange Closes in the parish of Heslington, containing altogether 20a.
And in the tenures or occupations of William Oliver, John Ledle, and Joseph Clarkson. All other properties belonging to Carleile and his wife in Wigtwistle, Bradfield, Conyers, and Heslington.
Aim of transaction to bar entail, Carleiles to levy fine sur cognizance de droit come ceo etc. as of Trinity Term last past, or in some subsequent term.
After fine, properties to be held to use of Elizabeth Carleile the wife for life, and thereafter to use of William Carleile for life, and after death of survivor of them to use as directed by Elizabeth regardless of her state by deed or by will, failing which direction to uses of her right heirs.
William and Elizabeth Carleile or survivor of them may lease out the properties for terms not exceeding 21 years at best possible rent, without making any fine for such a lease, and provided that clauses inserted for punishment for waste, with right of re-entry.
5s apiece from Creyk to Carleiles.

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