Bargain and sale with feoffment

Scope and Content

John Thornhaghe the elder of Fenton, Notts., Esq., John Thornhaghe the younger his son and heir apparent; Nicholas Waller of Sikehouse, parish of Fyshlake, gent., Nicholas Waller his son and heir apparent.
Manor of Balne (als. Bawne); capital messuage of Balnehall al. Bawnehall al. Burgonhall; Windmill in Balne; messuage in Pollington now or late in tenure of Thomas Robinson; plus several woods, closes, etc. (named); messuage in Balne now or late in tenure of John Makeynge; all lands lately purchased of Charles Rickard of Heck, gent.; close in Balne lately purchased of Robert Middleton; lands lately purchased of William Taylor of Beall; with all lands, reversions, etc. of the sellers in the parishes of Snaith or soke of Snaith, Whitley, and Kellington.
All documents referring particularly to these lands to be transferred, documents in which these only some of the lands mentioned to be copied, at charge of buyers, the originals to be retained by the sellers. The papers to be handed over by next Christmas.
All lands are, or within a year will be, free of all encumbrances, except for 5 acres in Haigges parcel, worth 10s. per annum, sold to Paul Rickard; 2 leases - one to John Cloughe, for messuage in Pollington, dated 17 September 37 Eliz. I, to run for 21 years at 23/8d. per annum, one to Thomas Hassard dated 27 April 37 Eliz. I, to run for 40 years at 16s. per annum, both these rents to be paid now to buyers; also rents, services, etc. due to chief lord.
Sellers, with Mary (wife of John Thornhaghe the younger) agree to participate in actions to secure title for 5 years, at cost of Wallers, provided that they do not have to go to other than Lincoln or Nottingham.
Sellers appoint Alvarey Coppley of Sikehouse, gent., as their attorney for the transfer.

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