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Joseph Hanks of Snaith, gent.; Nicholas Edmund Yarburgh, esq., a Captain in the 2nd West York Militia.
1. Refers to agreement made in late 1801 or early 1802 between Hanks and Henry Mitton, then of Snaith and now deceased, gent., for purchase of copyhold close or parcel of land in Snaith, formerly part of Cowick field, and containing 4 acres 34 poles, abutting Yarburgh's lands to east, those of Lord Downe to the west, those of Yarburgh and Mrs Hirst to the north, and the road from Snaith to Rawcliffe and Thorne to the south, parcel of the manor of Snaith and Cowick and then in the occupation of Hanks. Mitton had died prior to surrendering the lands to Hanks use, they then passing to William Mitton his son, aged 13, and under age for making a surrender. Yarburgh has contracted with Hankes for the purchase of the close nevertheless.
2. Hanks will gain good title to land within a month of Henry Mitton's heir attaining the age of 21 years, which he will then transfer to Yarburgh. He will also procure the surrender of the lands, either to his own use or that of Yarburgh, or as directed. If surrender made to use of Hanks, after admission will surrender to use of Yarburgh or as directed. Hanks had been in actual possession by virtue of the contract with Mitton, and from 5 April next will deliver possession to Yarburgh, to receive the profits.
3. Yarburgh to pay Hanks £400 on 5 April next for absolute purchase, but Hanks to pay interest at 1½% per annum thereafter until the close properly surrendered to Yarburgh, payment being made on 5 October and 5 April each year.

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