Bargain and sale, with feoffment

Scope and Content

Richard Routh of Roundley, Derbs., gent.; Sir Nicholas Yarburgh of Snaith Hall, kt.
Messuage or tenement with all buildings, late in the tenure or occupation of Robert Thorneburgh and now in that of Yarburgh, in the yard or croft in Snaith lying between the lands lately belonging to Sir Thomas Downay on the west and those of Sir John Routh on the east, abutting the road leading to the common or waste leading to Dorr on the south, and on the common or waste to the north; 2 closes of meadow or pasture in Snaith, containing 5 acres, with lands lately belonging to Downay and James Booth to the east, and the common called Dorr on the west, abutting the common or waste to the north and south; 3 closes called Oxney closes in Snaith, containing 13 acres 1 rood arable, and divided into 18 lands or selions (detailed); 7 acres meadow in the Half acres of Snaith ings; all other lands belonging to the messuage occupied by Thorneburgh or by the farmers of Sir John Routh or William Routh, esq., his father, other than ½ acre purchased by Sir John Routh from one Lambert. All the lands are now in Yarburgh's possession.
Warranty of title against Routh and William Routh of Roundley, esq., his father, with assurance of title within 5 years provided that Routh does not have to travel further than York or Doncaster.
Routh appoints Francis Burton of Snaith, yeoman, as his attorney.
£100, plus an annual rent charge of £50 from a messuage or tenement in Balne now in the tenure of Leonard Gresham, and from the closes called the Cow close, Hubbert field, Cat lane close, Midle close, the close next to Leigh gate lane, Jackcroft, Dawson lands, Narr hausey lands, Hausey lands (next Went), Hausey land ings, Great shaw, Turnehill ing, Pease close, Brome close, Gores, and Oxehouse close, and also from a messuage or tenement in Balne, in the tenure of John Huthersall, with the closes called the Brome closes, Great Clay croft and Little Clay croft, Long bridge ing, Seaven lands, Great Brodefeild and Little Brodefeild, Sykeshaw and Seaven lands shaw, Jackcroft, and Laith garth pighell.

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