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Sarah Serjeantson of Heslington, spinster; Ann Reynolds of Heslington, spinster; George John Yarburgh of Heslington Hall, esq.
Common rights of a messuage, tenement or dwellinghouse in Heslington with the yard, garden, and pleasure ground thereto adjoining, and the piece of ground contiguous thereto containing 3 acres with the coachhouse and stables by him erected thereon, and appurtenances (including common rights on Heslington Moor and fields).
Refers to assignment, and the document of 1838 therein abstracted. Yarburgh is Lord of the Manor of St Lawrence, Heslington, and as such owner of the soil of lands called Tilmire (containing 271 acres 2 roods 8 poles) and Outgang Common (containing 11 acres 2 roods), subject to certain common rights of messuages in Heslington.
Serjeantson and Reynolds covenant for their own titles, and for Yarburgh's peaceful possession without encumbrance, with assurance of title. Serjeantson covenants for production of deeds and provision of copies.
£50 from Yarburgh to Serjeantson and Reynolds.

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