Articles of agreement

Scope and Content

James Mander of Bakewell, Derbs., gent., as agent for Randolph Carleile of Brosterfield, parish of Eyam, Derbs., esq.; William Umpleby of Heslington, gent., as agent for Henry Yarburgh of esq.
4 closes at Heslington called Grange Closes, containing together 17a. 3r. 5p., now in the occupation of William Scruton, adjoining the road to Heslington fields to the north, lands of Yarburgh on the east, the road to Heslington on the south, and the Crop Road on the west.
Carleile before 22 November will present good title to the lands, and by 10 February next he and others having a claim will convey and assure the lands to Yarburgh, in return for £200 paid to Mander, and £1800 paid to Carleile. Yarburgh to pay charges of conveyances, but not of any fine or recovery, The conveyance to be to persons and uses as directed by Yarburgh, and the property free from all encumbrances including Land Tax.
Yarburgh will pay over the purchase money on completion of above part of transaction, and may enter possession and receive the rents as from 10 February next, or at time of paying any oustanding part of the purchase money.
Parties mutually bound in £500.
With receipt for £200 paid to Mander by Yarburgh.

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