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Sir Edward Stanhopp of Edlington, K.B.; John Stanhopp of Stedfold, esq. (brother to Sir Edward, both being sons of Sir Edward Stanhopp of York, kt., deceased) and Mary his wife.
Snaith Hall, with copyhold and freehold lands and Cowick, Pollington, and Gowdall; tithes of Swinefleet purchased by Sir Edward Stanhopp, deceased, from Thomas Rickard of Cowick.
In fulfillment of a will of Sir Edward Stanhopp, deceased, and as repayment for rents etc. collected by him from the lands of Mary Stanhopp at Stedfold and Harlington for 5 years after she attained her majority; in consideration of an acquittance of the debts, and 2 bonds of £80 for the payment of £40 as specified therein.

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